About me

The Movie Cheese!

My name is Tom, and I have a lot to talk about. Mainly to do with bad movies, but I also complain about other stupidities that I feel are relevant. Every so often I do talk about something that I like however. If I see a good movie/play an awesome video game or hear about something in the media world that I find to be particularly genius, I will give it praise. That doesn’t tend to happen a lot, but you’d be surprised. I review movies, and also make movies when I can be arsed to write them of course. I’m incredibly opinionated and if I do insult you in any way then you most likely deserved it.

You can check out my various YouTube accounts here (Eat Shoe Films & Stewart Line Films) and here (StewPedKeefley Productions).

My Facebook page is here.

For a heads up, here is a list of things I hate:- (work in progress)
— Racism/Any form of discrimination
— Ignorance
— 10-17 year old “moshers”
— Annoying emos (I actually don’t mind emos. But if you’re gonna constantly TELL ME you’re an emo – stay the fuck away from me)
— Screamo – Anyone who complains about rap music “not being music” and then goes and listens to “screamo” should be shot.
— People who constantly try to “get one up” on you (Example:
Me: “This film is the sickest film of all time”
Knobhead: “I’ve seen much worse”
— Smokers who belittle somebody because of a body ailment (e.g. being fat) – You guys do realize you’re going to die of fucking cancer right? That shit hurts.
— People who think comic books/video games/animations are “just for kids”
— Marvel
— Marvel fans
— Marvel superheros
— Stan Lee
— Anyone who opposes DC Comics in any way.
— People who say “what” constantly *insert Pulp Fiction reference here*
— MSN, don’t ever ask me to use it if you value the fact that your genitalia is quite far from your mouth.
— Blogs (wait wat)
— American talk shows.
— Jeremy Clarkson
— Jeremy Clarkson’s parents
— Jeremy Clarkson’s children
— Jeremy Clarkson’s wife
— Jeremy Clarkson’s ancestors
— Being without food
I’ll think of more later…

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