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2010’s Most Disappointing Movies

2010’s Most Disappointing Movies

Before I continue with this list, bare in mind that this isn’t a “Bad Movies” list. Most of the movies in this list are actually half decent. No, this is a list of 2010 movies that just didn’t live up to expectations/hype. Also, this films are in no particular order.

1. Tron: Legacy

I’m probably going to get a decent amount of backlash here, but here’s the thing: I don’t hate Tron: Legacy; that’s important to note. The thing is, being a huge fan of the original Tron, I had set my expectations for the sequel to gargantuan heights. Thus, the film had to be nothing short of spectacular. Alas, It’s just okay. That’s the problem I have with this film. It starts off awesome. I went to see it in 3D, and I loved how the scenes set within the real world were 2D and it shifted to 3D whenever we entered the Grid. The first 30 minutes are set up brilliantly, I loved Sam’s journey to finding his father, and when we do eventually get to Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges again on TOP form), it was a real geek moment for me. But after that is when the film starts to fall flat and lose it’s momentum. It just becomes a really bland sci-fi piece. And I can’t stress enough that I refuse to call the film an “action movie”, as there is very little action to speak of. About 45 minutes into the film I was sat there thinking “Christ, I’m actually quite bored”. Another thing that bugged me was the unbelievable amount of plot holes. I usually ignore plot holes in a movie such as this (after all it is a SCI-FI film), but the plot holes here just present a massive problem for me:

—What exactly were the ISOS and why were they so damn important? This just wasn’t explained enough for my liking.

—How come Kevin had Jesus-like powers, and why didn’t he use them sooner?

—Kevin has a disc and yet he NEVER uses it = lame.

—How come none of the programs in the Grid actually ACTED LIKE PROGRAMS, they just walked around, dancing, drinking booze, watching entertainment; I’ve certainly never seen my copy of Microsoft Word or Adobe Premier bust a move for my entertainment or down a bottle of gin, THIS MAKES NO SENSE

—Why was Tron himself reduced to a fucking glorified cameo. Fucking pathetic, he DID NOTHING DECENT IN THE WHOLE FILM. I also don’t get how – if Tron is meant to be the most powerful fighter within the Grid – that Clu and his men were able to overpower him. With today’s technology and awesome fight choreography skills, Tron should have been this movie’s trump card, a badass warrior cappin’ ass left right and center…but NO, what we get is about 10 minutes of pointless screentime. Fuck you.

—How come the flashback scene with the “young” Kevin, Tron and Clu didn’t look like the first film’s graphics? I understand that it was a second Grid that Kevin had created, but had technology really progressed that much in such a short amount of time?

—What the FUCK was the Wasteland?! Never explained!

And that ending…dear god. I hate the word cliché because film has progressed so much now that the very idea of a movie is cliché in itself, but Tron: Legacy has the most horribly fucking cliché ending EVER. It would have been MUCH better for Tron to have come back (as his suit clearly changed color) and sacrifice HIMSELF to save Kevin, Sam and Quorra. That’s the ending I would have done and it would have been much better, rather than the fucking cliché “veteran main character sacrificing himself to save the younger characters”. It was such a fucking cop out to just kill Kevin off after everything he’d been through. Fuck this movie.

Expected Rating: 9/10…Actual Rating: 5/10


2. Alice In Wonderland (Tim Burton version)

The Lewis Carrol novel and Tim Burton’s visual genius should have been a match made in heaven. Add to that the likes of Johnny Depp, Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman in the cast list and this should have been one hell of an epic gothic feast. Instead it’s the perfect case of style over substance. Burton went the interesting way of creating a sort of semi-sequel rather than adapting the novel exactly. But this decision didn’t work in his favour. The pace of the movie is just horribly written and forces it into the realm of “boring”. Johnny Depp just acts like Pee Wee Herman in Keith Richard’s clothes. Alan Rickman and Stephen Fry are cameos, and the chick playing Alice is just there. The film’s only saving grace is Helena Bonham Carter (a favorite actress of mine) as the Queen of Hearts. She gives much more enjoyable insanity than Depp could ever dream of.

Expected Rating: 7/10…Actual Rating: 3/10


3. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Horror remakes usually are a load of horse shit, but last year’s remake of Wes Craven’s classic A Nightmare On Elm Street had promise in the fact that it starred Jackey Earl Haley (Rorschach in Watchmen) as Freddy Kruger himself. Surely even if the rest of the film is shit, it would be worth it seeing Haley on screen carving some faces? Not quite. Haley does give off a deeply wounded, somewhat tragic performance, but it never gets its chance to shine. Save for some interesting flashback segments, this character just becomes a pure caricature of the horror genre. A boring one. Instead of working around the idea of “even in our dreams we’re not safe” like the original, this remake just gives way for cheap jump scares and unoriginal death scenes.

Expected Rating: 6/10…Actual Rating: 2/10


4. The Last Airbender (based off the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” American anime)

A big budget martial arts movie based off a very successful anime where each character has the ability to “bend” the elements and directed by the guy who directed The Sixth SenseUnbreakable…how could this POSSIBLY go wrong? Of course, you have to remember that same director also made The Happening The Lady In the Water – arguably two of the worst movies ever made. Jumping from his usual works of Horror/Fantasy Dramas into a fully blown martial arts epic (seemingly) was an odd move for M Night Shyamalan, but many felt it was just the change he needed. And then the casting decisions arose. The Last Airbender was publicly doomed from the start because of it’s many controversial casting decisions. The main characters in the original anime are off oriental origin, and yet the closest we get to that ethnicity are a couple of Indian/British actors. Ironically, one of those actors Dev Patel (of Slumdog Millionaire fame) is the only actor who is any good, playing villianous Prince Zuko. Sure, he’s cheesy, but in an enjoyable way. Not in a “omg i want to tear my fucking hair out and gouge my own eyes” kind of way – e.g. the rest of the cast. The fights are also horrible. The only decent fight being a grounded fight between Aang and Zuko. Most of the other fight consist of characters “throwing” certain elements at one another an contain very little actual martial arts. What made the movie worse was the 3D. The “grey” 3D glasses added with the fact that the movie’s visuals were naturally dark anyway made it feel like watching a movie whilst wearing sunglasses.

Expected Rating: 7/10…Actual Rating: 3/10


5. Skyline

Skyline was billed as being “2010’s answer to District 9“. That’s a fucking bold statement right there. District 9 was a fucking awesome movie that blended so many genre styles and influences together so effortlessly. It is arguably one of the best sci-fi movies of the past 10 years, and certainly one of the more original I can remember. If Skyline was to live up to this, it had it’s work cut out for it. It’s first trump card was that it was shot on a relatively low budget, a mere $10,000,000 (that’s pretty bad isn’t it? When you can say $10,000,000 is a LOW amount for a film. Just look at all those fucking zero’s!!). Its second was its trailer. Fuck me, what a trailer. Say what you want about the finished product, but Skyline had one of the best trailers of the year. Seriously, just fucking watch it the fucking thing:

Now THAT is how you edit together a trailer. Tense news snippets to begin with, then small and subtle VFX sequences, and then BOOM, you end with a BIG money shot. And fuck me what a money shot! Unfortunately the film has turned out to be one of the worst mainstream movies of the year. With writing that can’t live up to the impressive visual effects, and performances that force you to seriously question the skills of the directors. And that ending…oh dear god that ending. Ugh, let’s move on.

Expected Rating: 7/10…Actual Rating: 1/10


6. Iron Man 2

Yes, Iron Man 2 wasn’t that good. It was certainly no where near as good as the first film. Ironically, it’s exactly the same as the first film…but therein lies the problem. With Iron Man 2, two things are very clear: First of all, director Jon Faverau did not want to make this film. His usual directorial passion is completely absent. Second, it’s obvious that in oder to apease both the studio and the audience, all Faverau did was watch the first film, note down what worked so well, and repeat it here. But he repeated it to the point where he was afraid to try anything new. He turned Tony Stark into an even bigger twat than the first film, so much so that it makes it VERY hard to root for him. Take the Iron Man Vs. War Machine (his mate Colonel Rhodes) fight. I was rooting for War Machine the entire time, because Stark was acting like such a fucking prick. Was this intentional? Were we supposed to be hating on Stark. But he’s the MAIN CHARACTER, the fucking TITLE CHARACTER. Even movies where the main character is the antagonist like American Psycho and The Woodsman you still end up rooting for them (fucking WOODSMAN, Kevin Bacon was a pedophile in that movie but you still want him to come out on top!). The main thing I hated about Iron Man 2 was how underused all the cool shit was. Like Mickey Rourke. I fucking love Mickey Rourke, and he was awesome here, in his acting I mean. The writing of his character was balls. Another thing I hated was the fact that the whole film was just a 2 hour long trailer for Joss Whedon’s up and coming Avengers movie. Apparently Jon Faverau isn’t coming back for Iron Man 3, and I think that’s a good thing. As much as I love Faverau, he clearly can not handle sequels.

Expected Rating: 8/10…Actual Rating: 5/10


7. Clash of the Titans

I’ll admit, I was fucking PUMPED when I first saw the trailer for this remake. I’m in a very small minority of film fans who actually don’t like the original all that much. I just find it very bland, and a story that doesn’t lead to much. I love Ray Harryhausen’s creature effects, but the film itself just never interests me. So you can imagine my surprise when I watched the trailer for the remake and found Sam Worthington jumping around cappin’ ass, big fucking scorpions and FUCKING PETE POSTELTHWAITE (R.I.P). And then I went and watched the remake and it turned out to be bland with a story that leads to absolutely nothing. Just like the original. But so, so, so, sooooo much fucking worse. This is the kind of movie that doesn’t have a single fucking saving grace. I awarded Skyline one out of ten, but at least that had impressive visual effects. Yes, here it goes…Skyline is a better film than Clash of the Titans. There I fucking said it. Sam Worthington is an awesome actor (if a little overused), but here he just doesn’t recieve the right direction. Which is weird because the film was directed by Louis Letterier (director of the awesome Jet Li starrer Danny the Dog, and director of the impressive Edward Norton version of The Incredible Hulk). But Clash just doesn’t feel like it was directed by him at all. The big kick in the dick with this movie is when Medusa makes her appearance. Seriously, just look at this fucking picture:

That is literally the worst CGI I’ve seen in a movie in A LONG WHILE.

Expected Rating: 7/10…Actual Rating: 0/10


8. Devil

The premise for Devil was awesome: handful of strangers get trapped in a lift and find out that one of them just may be Satan himself. And it was a return to horror for M Night Shyamalan (albeit in a “produced by” and “story by” sense and not as a director or writer). Admittedly the film also had a fantastic ending. But that’s just the last 10 minutes. However, I have to also admit that the first 20 minutes were also of awesome quality. The build up was very tense, and it set up each characters qualities very well to the point where we were guessing which character we were eventually going to root for. But the hour in between was just so damn formulaic. It was a case of: lift stops, lights go out, people scream, they come back on, someone has died, police look at the CCTV confused, the people in the lift argue,lights go out, people scream, they come back on, someone has died, police look at the CCTV confused, the people in the lift argue, lights go out, people scream, they come back on, someone has died, police look at the CCTV confused, the people in the lift argue etc. It’s like watching a 5 minute long music video and then watching about another 100 music videos of the same song but by a different artist/band.

Expected Rating: 7/10…Actual Rating: 5/10


And that’s it for now. I may think of more later, but for now this is my definitive list of most disappointing movies of 2010.

Feel free to add your own additions in the comments below…


  1. hi just me great site tom fantastic, just a few probs, stop putting DC down its easy likeing both comics, but saying that with the new superman film on the rising I would be a bit embarresed myself to be a dc fan lol.

    I so glad breakfast club got into ur top 5 but where is lost boys?

    a bit harsh with the ratin on clash of the titans maybe a 1 would not have been that bad lol but even sam worthington did say he was shit and the movie lacked somethin, also he said the sequel yes the sequel will be 10 tens times better.

    also gives us a top 5 or 10 best movies of 2010 if u can think of them lol

  2. POST EDITED: (sorry, i thought you were a different Adam lol. It wasn’t until I saw your email address that I realised who you were :D)

    Hey Adam dude 🙂 Cheers for the comment!

    ” stop putting DC down its easy likeing both comics ”

    I think you mean stop putting Marvel down? 😛 I’m a DC uber fan Ive never put them down lol.

    ” but saying that with the new superman film on the rising I would be a bit embarresed myself to be a dc fan lol. ”

    The new Superman movie is actually looking pretty damn good now. Check out my latest in the “Latest News” section at the top of the page.
    They’ve cast a really good actor as Supes and it looks like they’re going with the story of Birthright, which is one of the best Superman graphic novels.

    ” I so glad breakfast club got into ur top 5 but where is lost boys? ”

    Meh. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lost Boys. But it’d no where near good enough to make my Top 5 list. Not even my top 50 lol 😀

    ” a bit harsh with the ratin on clash of the titans maybe a 1 would not have been that bad lol but even sam worthington did say he was shit and the movie lacked somethin, also he said the sequel yes the sequel will be 10 tens times better. ”

    The sequel (to be titled ‘Wrath of the Titans’) will be shit as well.

    ” also gives us a top 5 or 10 best movies of 2010 if u can think of them lol ”

    I’ll be posting a “Top 10 Movies of 2010” tomorrow night so keep an eye out on the Articles and Reviews sections!! 😀

    – Tom

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