Posted by: themoviecheese | February 6, 2011

“Spider-man” Reboot = Campest Comic Book Movie Ever?? have just posted a new video from the set of Marc Webb’s up and coming Spider-man movie. Now, as many of you know, the movie is a complete reboot of the franchise and no way ties into the Toby Maguire/Sam Raimi movies. The film stars Andrew Garfield (of Social Network fame) in the titular role and goes back to his origins.

Recently, the first official photo of the movie was released:

Now, to me this new suit looks fucking awesome. Its dark, gritty, bloodied. It makes it look like Webb’s new movie is set to be the awesome over-haul that Spider-man needs. Also, you have to remember that this is coming from someone who hates the Spider-man character. I just don’t get it. He can either go out each night, fighting crime and risking his life, assuring death, and getting beat on by monsters and villains…or he can go home, relax and shag Kirsten Dunst. That just never made fucking sense to me. Between risking your life every night and sleeping with Kirsten Dunst? It’s not fucking rocket science.

But regardless, I was excited for this movie when I saw this photo, because it looks like the kind of Spider-man movie I could really enjoy…..but then, just today, I saw the video that comicbookmovie released. Seriously, this is some crazy shit. Prepare your self, and when you’re ready, click the following link:-

Did you fucking see that bitch slap? How fucking gay was that jump? I seriously hope they’re doing some crazy CGI work to these fight scenes because that was just horrible! I mean what the fucking fuck. What the fucking motherfuck.

Seriously dude, I don’t care how much of a staunch Marvel fan you are, you have to admit that was pure balls. If that was set footage of the new Superman movie I’d admit it put it that way. This shit is not looking good.



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