Posted by: themoviecheese | March 1, 2011

PS3 Hack? Orly?!

There are lot of people talking about the Geohot hack of the Playstation 3 which enables pirated games and homebrewed apps on the system. Basically, it’s just another mod.

It’s kick-started a huge “Omg this is awesome!” frenzy in the faces and minds of Sony haters.

Now, first of all, I am not a “fanboy”. Yes I own a PS3…I also own and play a Nintendo DS and play a lot of PC games. I own my PS3 mainly as a multi-entertainment system. Also, when Blu-ray first came into the market, the PS3 was the cheapest Blu-ray player (even at £425). I don’t own an XBox 360, but the only reason I haven’t is that most of the games I buy are on both systems, and I much prefer PS3’s exclusives (Halo hasn’t been good since Halo 2 and I genuinely can’t think of any other exclusives worth mentioning other than Gears of War since Mass Effect has now gone multi-platform).

Now, what simply astounds me is the sheer amount of people laughing in the pS3’s face at it’s eventual hack….these people have seemed to forget that it is the LAST console in the current generation TO be hacked. Not only that, but it has also lasted the longest WITHOUT being hacked.

The 360 was hacked within the first four months of it’s release (and after Microsoft had bragged so much about the system being completely unhackable). We all know about the R4 cartridge for the DS, and likewise the several hacks that exist for the Wii and PSP.

So the PS3 hay have been successfully hacked, but it has survived as an immortal console for quite some time. Sony have also said that there are plans on re-modeling the system into an unhackable version, but that was expected. The PS3’s hack isn’t quite as funny as people think. I for one have not modded my PS3 and I genuinely can’t understand anybody who does. Yes games are expensive, but there is a reason for it. The amount of work that goes into developing such a game as Red Dead Redemption or Call of Duty Modern Warfare is astounding. Piracy does hurt the industry and if you think otherwise you’re an idiot. Supposing you were making a shit load of sandwiches, and someone came along and stole all your filling. Would you still be able to make sandwiches? Yes, you would. But they’d be without filling, which means they’d be shit. It’s a similar concept here. Several video games production jobs have already been lost over the past year. Blizzard and EA let go around 100 people just in the last year. Personally I’d much rather if the video games industry had the money and man power to make games such as InFamous and Mass Effect, and not shite games such as The Bourne Conspiracy and Two Worlds.

Disagree? Love? Hate? Or want to kick start a good old console war? Then express yourself in the comments below!

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