Posted by: themoviecheese | October 21, 2015

Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc Pit!

So by now, you’ve probably seen the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. If you haven’t, then you’re probably dead and I am sorry. If you have, then you’re probably just as exited as I am for December 17th. However, there is one other Star Wars product that I’m almost just as exited for, and that is Star Wars: Battlefront, the new instalment in the Battlefront series of video games made famous back during the PS2 and original Xbox days. I played the Beta last week (video here: and was extremely impressed.

Well, a new Battlefront screenshot has answered a question that’s been on the faces of many a Star Wars fan for over 30 years: did Boba Fett die in the Sarlacc Pit? Most people assume “Yes”. After all, why would you think otherwise. However, this screenshot does just that…Boba Fett is indeed alive. Or he is in the moments leading up to the Battle of Jakku anyway. The Battle of Jakku is a New Republic vs. Imperial war that takes place sometime between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens on the planet of Jakku; the desert-filled planet featured prominently in all the Force Awakens trailers. The actual battle doesn’t appear in The Force Awakens because the film takes place several years after it. It is featured in Star Wars: Batlefront, however, as a playable map in a multiplayer level, and during this map players can earn a temporary upgrade to play as the legendary bounty hunter. This isn’t just a throwaway either, as both Disney and DICE have confirmed that each playable hero will be integral to the story of each map…meaning Fett is supposed to be there.


The above image is taken from The Battle of Jakku, and features Boba Fett in all his jet-packed, badass glory. Note the plummeting Star Destroyer in the top right corner. That’s the exact same Star Destroyer in this image…


…taken directly from the Force Awakens trailer. So yeah, Boba survived the Sarlacc, but I very much doubt this means he’ll make an appearance in the future films. This is nothing but fan bait really, and I have no doubt that he’ll meet his demise during the Battle of Jakku level.

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