Posted by: themoviecheese | February 10, 2011

Professor Xavier = Hobo?

As most people know, I’m no Marvel fan, and I know very little about X-Men. So maybe somebody out there could enlighten me as to why Professor Xavier in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class looks like a hobo:

Seriously, how the fuck does that scruffy looking so-and-so inherit the mansion that would become the school in the original films. Am I missing something here?


  1. i know what u mean but great actor loved him in shamless need to watch last king of scotland when i get round to it, just shave off his hair. mr xavier

  2. I personally think he’s been horribly miscast. He just has NONE of the mannerisms of Patrick Stewart, and I think if you’re gonna make a movie that directly ties into Bryan Singer’s two films, you need to go for an actor closer to Patrick Stewart.
    Michael Fassbender as Magneto on the other hand looks amazing!

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