Posted by: themoviecheese | February 10, 2011

“X-Men: First Class” Trailer!

The first official trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class was released earlier tonight exclusively via Facebook. Check it out:

It looks interesting. It certainly looks a LOT better than Wolverine put it that way. Plus, it is directed by the guy who directed Kick-Ass – arguably 2010’s best comic book movie. I still think James McAvoy is horribly miscast as Xavier though. I have nothing against the actor, but he clearly hasn’t taken ANY of Patrick Stewart’s mannerisms on board. And judging by the opening, they are classing this as a direct prequel rather than a spin off like Wolverine. Oh well, still, there’s a ray of hope in the form of Michael Fassbender (you may remember him from Inglorious Basterds) as Magneto – he looks positively brilliant.


  1. I liked the First Class trailer a lot… definitely got me all hyped up! 🙂

    Prof X and Mags look awesome here… and Beast too!

  2. Cheers for the comments Ipodman.

    Do I know you from anywhere? If not, how did you find this blog? I’m just asking purely out of interest 🙂

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