Posted by: themoviecheese | April 4, 2011


Attendees at this years WonderCon were treated to four select scenes from the up and coming Green Lantern movie this week. They were also treated to an exclusive view of the new trailer which is to be screened with the release of Thor in May.

Now, I don’t need to tell you all just how much I’m anticipating this movie, after all Hal Jordan (the Green Lantern from which the film is based) ranks among my top 5 favorite comic book characters. So you can imagine just how jealous I am of everyone who got to see these scenes.

However, I can rejoice because some bright spark has managed to compile the select scenes into a sort of promo trailer. Not only that, but the promo has actually been completely endorsed which means it is readily available on itunes/youtube you name it. So here we have the next official footage of the Green Lantern movie, condensed into four minutes of pure awesome:-

Wow. Well it looks like we’re finally getting the Green Lantern movie that we wanted. The scope to this thing is insane. Admittedly, the first trailer released last year wasn’t brilliant. It just made it looks like a fun movie, alá Fantastic Four. But this makes it look like so much more. Some of the CGI does still need a little work. I Jordan’s costume in all, but some of the shots did seem a little off. And that shot of Killowog and Tomar Re looking at each other seemed a big video-gamey. But over all, the CGI is awesome and the producers have gone on record saying that it is still only 70% complete. What astounds me the most are the designs of Oa, the Green Lantern world. Then there’s the fucking awesome cast. Mark Strong looks set to be the killing blow of the movie with his portrayal as Sinestro, that speech he gives in this footage gives me serious fucking chills. I’m also loving Geoffry Rush as Tomar Re. And then, of course, there’s Ryan Reynolds himself as Jordan. I said from the moment he was cast that he would totally rock the shit in this movie, and I haven’t been proven wrong. His performance seems very relatable, even in the comedy moments coming off as more confused than out and out goofy. He also says the oath fucking perfect. The final “Green Lantern’s light!!” almost fucking killed me.


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