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My “DC Comics Relaunch 52” Pull List and Why I’ve Chosen Them

Starting on 31st August, DC Comics will start rolling out and relaunching almost their entire library of comics, with 52 brand new #1 issues. Starting with Justice League, each series will see a reboot of the stories we have grown up with since DC Comics first launched in 1934. Below I am listing my “pull list” (the series’ that I have decided to start collecting as they are released).

1. Superman #1

Why? – Because Superman is the staple point of DC Comics. You can’t be a DC fan and not be a Superman fan, that’s a simple fact. The new costume is a little crazy. There’s a bit too much detail for my liking, but regardless, I love the exclusion of the “red underwear” – that was well overdue. I’m excited to see what storyline they pull into this and I can see myself really pulling the majority of issues well into it’s entire span.

2. Justice League #1

Why? – Justice League is pretty much a given. Geoff John’s new series will completely retell the story of how these super-powered beings met. Issue #2 will feature a fight scene between Batman and Superman. The art work is done by Jim Lee. In my eyes, anybody who doesn’t collect this is an idiot. Coming from Geoff Johns, the story will be nothing short of amazing. Simply put, Johns is the best thing to ever happen to DC Comics and this series will be more proof of that. I am a little miffed at the exclusion of Martian Manhunter, and I’m even more miffed at the fact that they replaced him with Steel of all people. But regardless, it will still be a brilliant series.

3. Action Comics #1

Why? – Because it’s “action comics”. Action Comics always has been and always will be the number one and most important series of the entire DC Comics library. The redesigned costume for AC’s version of Superman is fucking amazingly brilliant. I just love the simplicity of it all. Also did I mention it’s being authored by Grant “the man” Morrison? Yes, Action Comics will be a definitive long-standing series of pure excellence. In fact, at face value, it has the potential to be the best series of the entire 52-series relaunch.

4. Animal Man #1

Why? – Because Animal Man, aka Buddy Baker has always been one of the coolest DC superheros, with one of the coolest superpowers – the power to mimic hundreds of abilities from the world’s various animals, including the strength of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and the electricity of an electric eel. During the 1980’s Animal Man was revamped and rebooted to be one a selection of series’ to become more dark and mature. And it looks like Dan Green and Travel Foreman are set to replicate that and then some with this new series. The story promises a strong focus on family dynamics and Buddy’s own daughter begins experiences frightening new powers of her own. Animal Man will be one of those underdog series that probably not a lot of people will buy into, but I’ll definitely be there.

5. Green Arrow #1

Why? – Because Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, is a character I have never had that much love for…and I want that to change. After all, he is the best friend of Hal Jordan, my favorite DC character. I’m actually immensely excited for Green Arrow strictly for this purpose. He’s one of the DC characters who is a true badass, like Batman with a bow. I just hope it does well and the story is interesting enough for me to stick with it.

6. Deathstroke #1

Why? – Because, with Kyle Higgins behind it, Deathstroke has the potential to be the most mature, brutal, gory and fucking insane series of the entire relaunch. Plus…everyone loves an anti-hero, and Deathstroke is exactly that. A crazy motherfucker with lots of swords, Deathstroke slices and dices and asks questions later. This series is going to be mega fun, I can’t wait.

7. Green Lantern #1

Why? – Isn’t it obvious? Green Lantern has always been my favorite superhero of all time. There are a stupidly massive amount of different Green Lantern series’ in the relaunch, including Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern: New Guardians, but I’ve decided to only go for two of the lines. The first one is the standard Green Lantern which tells a story based on, who else, Hal Jordan and Sinestro. It won’t be an origin story though – thank Christ. As the series is being authored by, once again who else, Geoff Johns. Johns pioneered Green Lantern back into super-stardom with his simply amazing series of graphic novels which included Secret Origins and Rebirth (which saw the return of Hal Jordan after his transformation into the villain Parallax in the series “Emerald Twilight”). So for Johns to retell Jordan’s story again would just be stupid. Instead, this is to be a completely new story that somehow reintroduces Sinestro into the Green Lantern Corps (quite how that’s going to work is anyone’s guess, considering Sinestro’s incredibly dark past).

8. Red Lanterns #1

Why? – Red Lanterns is the only other “lanterns” series I am pulling. A series based on the brutal Red Lanterns and Attrocitus in general is going to be fucking epic. It’ll be interesting to see which out of Red Lanterns and Deathstroke ends up being more violent. I’d also love for there to be a story involving Abin Sur or Sinestro. And again, everyone loves an anti-hero as a main focal point.

9. Wonder Woman #1

Why? – Wonder Woman always has brilliant storylines. The only problem with Wonder Woman is that with brilliant storylines also comes the occasional saggy story. I just hope this series can keep it’s focus, because when Wonder Woman is brilliant, it’s damn near godly. But when it’s shit, it’s pig shit.

10. Nightwing #1

Why? – Because Nightwing is one of the coolest DC characters. What DC did with Nightwing was take one of the worst characters in the entire DC roster (Dick Grayson/Robin) and reboot him into a new hero called Nightwing, effectively turning him into a DC version of Marvel’s Daredevil. Nightwing quickly became a cooler “dark knight” than The Dark Knight himself Batman. I’ve always loved Nightwing, and a new series centered on him is always welcomed. And being authored by Kyle Higgins means it’s going to be incredibly dark.

11. Aquaman #1

Why? – Because Aquaman has one of the greatest origin stories of all the DC superheros and pretty much all supeheros in general. It’s practically Shakespearian with it’s strong focus on family dynamics and fallen empires, betrayal and loyalty. This new series is also being written by, who else, Geoff Johns. Johns will bring out the drama contained in Aquaman’s past out like never before.

12. The Flash #1

Why? – I must admit I am sort of on the fence on this one. Whilst I do have heaps of respect for The Flash as a character, and I think a live-action movie is well overdue…I can’t see this series having that much of a griping story. I don’t know, maybe I’ll be proven wrong, and I am going to give it a chance just because it’s The Flash, but if it hasn’t gripped me by at least the third issue, I can see myself removing this from my pull list.

And last but by no means least: 13. Batman: The Dark Knight #1

Why? – Because it’s fucking Batman. Like Green Lantern, there are tons of Batman arcs in this relaunch, including Detective Comics, Batwing and Batgirl. The only one I’m dedicating to is The Dark Knight, purely because it’s being written by David Finch (of Brightest Day fame), and the story sounds the most intriguing. I am however, on the fence with Batgirl, as I want to see just how Barbara is…you know…walking. I’m gonna wait for a few reviews of Batgirl, and if it seems cool, I’m gonna add that to my pull list as well.

I’ll also be posting up reviews of each of the #1’s that I get (although when that’ll be I don’t know since they seem to be in increasingly low supply).

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