Posted by: themoviecheese | May 10, 2011

New Theatrical Trailer for Hugh Jackman’s “Real Steel”

A new full-length theatrical trailer for Hugh Jackman’s robot boxing movie Real Steel.

The film is set in the future where robot boxing is a new popular sport. The story centers on a struggling promoter (Hugh Jackman) who believes he’s found a winner in a discarded robot from a scrap yard. Meanwhile, he also finds out he has an 11-year old son who’s wanting to find his father. Check out the trailer…

Yeah, it looks alright. I was actually quite excited for it…until I noticed that it’s directed by the guy who brought us the Night At The Museum movies. Still, suppose we can’t really hold that against him. After all, he also directed Cheaper By The Dozen, Just Married & Date Night. Yeah, okay, maybe we can hold it against him.

The robot scraps look okay I suppose, but it does just look like “Transformers In A Ring”. Either way, the film is released on 7th of October 2011, and hell, at least it’s not in fucking 3D.

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