Posted by: themoviecheese | May 22, 2011

Loads of awesome movie updates!

1. Trailer for Adrian Paul’s “Eyeborgs”

Here’s a bizarre one. The first trailer has landed for Adrian Paul’s (you may remember him as Duncan McLeod from the Highlander TV series) new sci-fi film Eyeborgs. The trailer is incredibly strange so bare with me on this one…the story revolves around a terrorist attack that forces the US government to bring in the ODIN system: a system that sees the creation of little camera/robot devices that see everything that everybody does (think George Orwell’s 1984). People soon come to realise that these little robots can do more than first meets the eye (excuse the bleek Transformers reference), in fact if the little buggers witness a crime they are authorized to take any action necessary to stop it. Anywho, check out the trailer: –

Yeah…it certainly looks unique. You may have noticed the film also stars cult favorite Danny Trejo (of Machete, Desperado and almost every other Mexican action movie ever made), so that gives it slight plus points. Either way, the film is heading straight to DVD in the UK on 20th June 2011.

2. Trailer for new Korean horror movie “White”

Sooo, the world of Asian horror. Shall we look at the curses we’ve had? There’ve been a cursed video tape (Ringu), a cursed phone (Umm, Phone), a cursed house/family/diary (the Ju-On/Grudge series), a cursed website (Kairo), a cursed answer phone message (One Missed Call), a cursed eye transplant (The Eye), the list goes on. So, what curse has writing/directing duo Kim Gok and Kim Sun thought up now?…a song. That’s right. Either way, check out the admittedly interesting trailer…

3. Jet Li is officially the biggest liar in Chinese history (because there is a poster for his new film) 

Some of you may remember back in 2006 when Jet Li was promoting his martial arts epic Fearless, he clearly said it would be his “last wuxia movie). Wuxia is a Chinese term to describe epic martial arts stories told in pop culture and media (whether it be novels, films or theater). Then, shortly after saying that statement, he made a martial arts epic by the name of The Warlords which also starred Takeshi Kaneshiro and Andy “the un-aging one” Lau. Then, another year after that he made The Forbidden Kingdom, a US-made martial arts epic with eastern twists, also starring Jackie Chan and Collin Chou.

Well it looks as if Jet Li is once again a “wuxia” film, the very thing he clearly stated he had retired from. The film is titled The Flying Sword of Dragon Gate and is an update/remake the 1966 film Dragon Gate Inn. The story was recently also updated by Donnie Yen as Dragon Tiger Gate. Either way, you can check out the poster for Jet “I’m a big fat liar” Li’s new film below: –

Click for full size

4. Warner Bros. finally release a picture of Bane from Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises

The first image of Tom Hardy as villain Bane has finally been released by Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers. Check it out…

Click to enlarge *giggity*

Well it looks like Nolan has had no trouble placing Bane into his “real world” Batman setting. I always knew Hardy would look fucking awesome as Bane, you only have to watch his movie Bronson for evidence of that.

Also, the viral campaign has kicked off for the film, as the website has finally gone full swing. If you head to all you’ll hear is a weird noise of what sounds like an audience chanting at something like an organized fight. Makes sense, it could be set to Bane pulverizing someone into next week.

Also (Batman news overload here), it’s been revealed by that ther first offical teaser trailer for the film will feature in front of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II which is set to hit cinemas on the 15th of July 2011.

5. A third amazing trailer for Green Lantern

Wow, Warner Brothers really are pushing the marketing for this movie now. Yahoo movies have recently released a third theatrical trailer for the film to be shown in front of 3D movies like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. The trailer features narration from Geoffrey Rush (voicing Tomar-Re) who explains the back-story of the Green Lantern Corps. and the Guardians of the Universe, as well as the film’s villain Parallax. This is the perfect trailer for anybody who is interested in the movie but not well versed in Green Lantern mythology. Anywho, check it out below…

6. Remake of Brian De Palma’s “Carrie” is in the works

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, one of the writers of criminally successful TV series Glee, has been hired to write a remake of Brian De Palma’s 1970s cult horror film Carrie. is reporting that the film will be a closer adaption of Stephen King’s original novel. But then, all film makers say that so as to push off the onslaught of remake-haters. One thing’s for sure, if they fuck this remake up, there’ll be a bloodbath to fight the original film’s infamous climax.

And that’s all for now. Well, that’s all significance-wise anyway. Cant really be arsed to write anymore. Till the next load of news hits my eyes! 😀



  1. I’m really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a nice blog like this one today..

    • Hey, thanks for the comments 🙂 There are loads of updates coming soon, just finished a new article on “The Truth about 3D” which I’m sure you’ll like.
      Anywho, cheers for the kind words, and I am definitely going to keep this site up as long as keen readers such as yourself are going to continue to read 🙂
      Also, the theme is a free customized one, but I didn’t make it myself, the only thing I made myself is the banner at the top of the page.

      Once again, thanks for the comment 🙂

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